Friday, April 22, 2011

Boredom + Upcoming Holiday = Easter Eggs

What happens when we get really bored?

We color easter eggs a few days early!

Normally, we dye eggs the Saturday evening before Easter. But today, we were really bored and had absolutely nothing else to do. So we started early! We also filled 24 plastic eggs with peanut M&Ms and hid half of them outside and half of them in the house for my (Valerie) older sister to find.

The trip to Target also gave us some wonderful eye candy. Normally, we see a guy from far away and thinks he is hot, only to get closer and find out he isn't. But this evening, the off-duty police officer that was working in the store was HOT from both far and near. Kind of made us want to steal something just to have to talk to him. LOL. We didn't, I assure you. The only thing we stole were glances. Then when we were driving away, we noticed he went outside, so we drove passed and notice he wasn't wearing a wedding band. Score! May have to visit Target on Thursday evenings from now on.

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