Friday, April 22, 2011

Boredom + Upcoming Holiday = Easter Eggs

What happens when we get really bored?

We color easter eggs a few days early!

Normally, we dye eggs the Saturday evening before Easter. But today, we were really bored and had absolutely nothing else to do. So we started early! We also filled 24 plastic eggs with peanut M&Ms and hid half of them outside and half of them in the house for my (Valerie) older sister to find.

The trip to Target also gave us some wonderful eye candy. Normally, we see a guy from far away and thinks he is hot, only to get closer and find out he isn't. But this evening, the off-duty police officer that was working in the store was HOT from both far and near. Kind of made us want to steal something just to have to talk to him. LOL. We didn't, I assure you. The only thing we stole were glances. Then when we were driving away, we noticed he went outside, so we drove passed and notice he wasn't wearing a wedding band. Score! May have to visit Target on Thursday evenings from now on.

Sunday, April 10, 2011

Girls Weekend

Friday started off pretty boring. Then we ended up going to Fort McDowell Casino to see Furious George play. Like usual, it was fun... especially making comments to each other about the drunk or old people trying to dance. Some people just should stay seated. One such lady my sister, Dawna, dubbed "Bam Bam." I simply called her a Bombshell (strip club) reject. Yes, she tried some stripper moves without a pole. Quite weird. One time I was walking over to Laura, and I just saw limb flash in front of my face. I was later told, it was a leg. After they finished up around 1am, we made the long drive towards Laura's place. Dawna, JoAnna, and I got the munchies, so decided to stop for burritos. With how long the first car took, JoAnna could have gotten out of the car, ran down the street to QT for drinks, and get back by the time we made it to the window. The burritos were kind of nasty for a change. But we got to enjoy some rain. Once at Laura's we were talking and Laura mentioned how one time Timmy, the drummer for Furious George made her go onstage, get his keys, and get the cowbell out of his car. All of a sudden, we hear "I remember that!" from her sleeping sister Darlene.

Saturday was another rainy, lazy day. Our movie plans had to get pushed back, so we were left to think of something to do. Then it occurred to me, something we haven't done in a while: X-treme/cosmic/kosmic bowling! So we called up Ashley, her sister Nancy, and Dawna. Grabbed dinner at Applebee's then made it to the bowling alley around 10:30pm. I am NEVER going to the Applebee's at Arcadia Crossing on any Saturday after 9pm... it's karaoke night. If I have to listen to someone hum Eminem and sing only Rhianna's part or listen to anything from Justin Bieber again, I might go postal. Bowling was so much fun. If you haven't been to X-treme/cosmic bowling, they turn the lights off, put on the black lights, and play music videos on projectors. Usually, they play newer music that a few of us don't particularly like, so we made requests. We pretty much took over and turned it into a '90s night of videos. They played Offspring's Pretty Fly... For a White Guy, N Sync's Bye Bye Bye, Spice Girls' Spice Up Your Life, 5ive and Baby Got Back for us, amongst others. I'm sure people were wondering what the heck was going on. Especially when the video for Rammstien's Du Hast and Muse's Supermassive Black Hole came on. But we didn't care what they thought. We had a blast! I sucked royally though, aside from getting a strike my first throw. Gutter bumpers are definately going up next time. LOL.